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The easiest way to get into the cloud

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SimpleDeployer makes getting your web site or application online in the Amazon cloud easier than you ever thought possible. Everything from deploying your code, adding servers and load balancers, pushing code updates to all servers and more is all handled by our system in one click. Amazement guaranteed.

One-Click Deploy

SimpleDeployr will provision, configure, setup permissions and deploy Rails apps all in one click.

Instantly Scale

With one click servers are launched, configured, and added to your load balancer.

GitHub / SVN Compatible

Seamlessly ties in with your code base so you can commit changes and launch new servers in seconds.

Auto Code Deployment

No shell scripts needed here - each project automatically syncs your codebase throughout every server.

Server Monitoring

Obtain a complete visual view of CPU, memory, and disk space on your server so you know when to take action.

Agile Development

Create and share projects for development, staging, or production. Launch servers on-demand.

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    • “CRON just didn't scale for us so we checked out IronWorker. We were up and running in 15 minutes and haven't looked back!”

      - Brian Crook, Principal, nfuse partners
    • “We process a LOT of data at Zenti but it's not always predictable... enter IronWorker. It scales when we need it.”

      - Marc Byrd, President,